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Turmeric powder has been a versatile ingredient in Indian households for ages. Adding it to daily meals is healthy and flavourful; getting your hands on organic haldi provides many benefits. Our produce is just a lot of turmeric with no preservatives or GMOs, locked with nutrients.

FarmRoots turmeric powder is certified and prepared from the turmeric plant’s fresh, whole underground stem (rhizome). We ethically source essential ingredients from local farmers, ensuring natural production. This vegan and organic produce will give a tinge of rich flavour and aroma to every bite of your meal. The wonder spice, organically grown, has a vibrant yellow colour, pleasant fragrance, and earthy aroma, fresh from the harvest. Moreover, it has various potential bioactive compounds with vast and diverse applications. Besides being a special cooking spice, turmeric is also used as a medicine, dye, and beauty aid. Buy the best quality turmeric powder and let it lend its distinctive flavour and great health benefits to your culinary adventure, be it curries, soups, stir-fries, or milk.

Desi Turmeric Powder - 250gm

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